Snæfellsjökull: The Glacier that Launched a Thousand Stories

• Dispatch #16 • Iceland’s smallest glacier, climate change, and the importance of nature in human imagination We might as well be the last people on earth. We were at Snæfellsnes in the western part of Iceland, which is home to many national sights including Snæfellsjökull, the country's smallest glacier. We first stopped at Eyri, … Continue reading Snæfellsjökull: The Glacier that Launched a Thousand Stories


Spacewalking along Geysers

• Dispatch #15 • I explore some amazing geysers in Iceland. In the olden days, I can imagine how a geyser was one of the most entertaining and terrifying things you can possibly see. It looks odd—a green or sometimes blue hole in the ground. Its often sulfuric smell makes it seem like a gateway … Continue reading Spacewalking along Geysers

Bukit Brown: The Disappearing Graveyard

• Dispatch #12 • In 2013, I visited one of Singapore's former cemeteries. It must seem like an odd thought, but I think cemeteries are some of the most peaceful places in the world. One of these is Bukit Brown Cemetery, the biggest Chinese graveyard outside of China. I should probably write “was” as Bukit … Continue reading Bukit Brown: The Disappearing Graveyard

50 Shades of Green: Nature Walks in Singapore

• Dispatch #11 • I walk through some of the greenest places in Singapore. Everything grows in Singapore—at least those that can thrive in high temperatures. The muggy, equatorial heat clings to anything alive, coaxing their cells to grow and multiply, turning the Lion City into a lush garden, where the only things that can … Continue reading 50 Shades of Green: Nature Walks in Singapore

Wild Curiosities: The Animals of Singapore

• Dispatch #10 • The colorful animal world of Singapore cures nature deficit disorder. Among my more vivid memories of Singapore, aside from the great food and diverse cultures, is the wildlife. The Singapore Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park, the Singapore Zoo, and the more recent Singapore River Safari are great places to see species … Continue reading Wild Curiosities: The Animals of Singapore