Field Notes from Planet Earth is a collection of writings that stand at the intersection of the environment, science, history, and social issues. Inspired by the records of Marco Polo, adventure classics by Jules Verne, and The Age of Exploration, I write about small and big voyages I have taken all over the world. These are explorer’s notes, biographical essays, and anthropological dispatches that hearken to our basic human desire for discovery and connection.

This is a side project of Catherine Sarah Young.


I am an artist, designer, researcher, and writer who works on the environment and alternative futures. This blog collects my essays from my travels, observations of natural phenomena, and field notes from my research. Most of my creative projects currently revolve around The Apocalypse Project, a speculative design research inquiry on climate change and our environmental futures.

Email: theperceptionalist (at) gmail (dot) com
Twitter: @catherineyoung
Instagram: @catherinesarahyoung

All photos in my articles were taken by me unless I specify otherwise, and in which case full credit and back links will be given.

The header image, Rising Earth, was taken by crew of Apollo 8 about five degrees above the lunar horizon on Dec. 22, 1968 and is in the public domain. Image Credit: NASA

Copyright 2015 by Catherine Sarah Young


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